Radharajani devi dasi

Radha_Kirtan_bio-body-002From her very birth, she has felt a strong inclination towards the arts and the spiritual path. She has always been guided by an universal vision that has allowed her to gain experience in various disciplines, sciences, and philosophies including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Mysticism and Metaphysics. At the age of 21, she met her Indian spiritual teacher, Karina, in the Canary Island (2000). From this time, she, who had already been painting and writing for several years, learnt techniques to help her refine her creative gifts to reflect the inner search and create works from meditations, channelling and visions of the heart.

Radha_Kirtan_bio-body-003She then lived most intimately with Karina for two years and was later given the task of living, managing and teaching in her own “Temple of Light” in Fuerteventura, 2006-2008. During this time, she was initiated into the science of Kundalini Reiki meditation and visualization, and went on to integrate this mystical and metaphysical knowledge with the study of the Indian Vedic scriptures with the guidance of various Masters from 2002 as “Centro studi Bhaktivadanta” of Marco Ferrini. In the Indian tradition, she has worked with various methods of meditation, but has given particular sustained focus to the practice of Japa, Bhakti Yoga: the continuous recitation of mantras, including the singing of mantra with musical instruments.

For seven years, 2005-2012, she walked the way of Brahmachary (renunciate) living in ashrams of Vaishnava tradition in Italy, Spain and India (Vrindavana and Mayapur). For her was the most important and deep time in the spiritual path, living completely focus in the sadhana and in the service of others.

During this time, she received Brahmin initiation (diksha) in the way of Vaishnavism from Master Paramadvaiti Swami of Vrinda Institution and was given the name Radha Rajani devi dasi ( the one who serves the Queen of Love) in 2010.

From 2008, she has dedicated time to studying devotional music in Mayapur (West Bengal) learning harmonium and voice from the Gurukula’s teacher Dipranjan. Today she continues her studies in Mysore with her Hindustani musical teacher Rita Mukerjee, and Drupad with Virginia Nicoli (Samvad)

Radha_Kirtan_bio-body-001In 2011 she started to integrate the Yoga asana practice to balance the intensity of the meditation, find more balance between body, spirit and mind. She studied Hatha Yoga in Mysore, south India, first with Sergio Martinez and Marina Bergamin, receiving from them the basis of Yoga asana. She continued at the Atma Vikasa Yoga School with Acharya Venkatesh, where she attended the Teacher Training Course 2014.

Currently Radha dedicates her life sharing and teaching from her heart what she learnt providing a unique experience to those who are searching for a deep spiritual experience. She is giving programs of Yoga, meditation, mantra, kirtan, harmonium and voice, Vedic Philosophy and transformative inner work in India and all around the world together with her partner Emilio Dolcini.


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