Realization comes when we are ready, such as the people who show us the way, and the experience becomes opportunity to grow, to discover and to transform.

That was the essence of the wonderful journey of sharing, in a new place, with people who, for the first time, join together to receive and give teachings about Yoga and mantra chanting.

Nobody would have imagined which hidden gift was behind.

A couple of month before Noah Mckenna wrote me about the opportunity to teach together in the intense teacher training retreat in Sweden, in a beautiful place called Shambala Gathering with the Yoga School Urban Om of Stockholm.

7th June….we go!

From Skavsta airport I got the bus to Stockholm town where Petra Kalla was waiting for me. We went to the Urban Om Yoga school where I had to teach mantra in a small workshop.

Walking on Stockholm streets I could see the city in its beauty, quite and clean.
Urban Om is a Yoga School very cozy where I could feel collaboration and unity, solid foundation of the working staff.

Neo Satyam founded the school with the idea to create a space of unity, he says: “The space where it dissolves the “me” in “us”. I founded the school and in some way I’m the leader, but at same time only “us” exists.”

This impressed me deeply, I realized what a beautiful heart and high vision of life they have, something not easy to find everywhere.

Petra has prepared the meditation room accurately to receive the practitioners, 12 women and 2 childrens.

I can say that they answered very well to the practice of mantra chanting, letting the sound carry themselves in their own inner space with joy and gratitude. They warmly embraced me with their energy and glance as they were One.

That night Petra hosted me in her house with her sweet family little far from Stockholm. Petra lives in a wonderful place, a living space in the forest with other families, like a small community with independent houses. May be living in countries where climatic conditions are so extreme creates a stronger sense of union and collaboration and this was evident also in small things.

As we arrived at home in the forest I immediately understood: “now I know about the myth of trolls, the forest is a living being, he is speaking, he is breathing!” I was entering in a different reality. The day after, we met Noah and reached finally Shambala Gathering, an amazing place in the wood on a lake’s bank.

Shambala hosts retreats and courses based on holistic medicine and Yoga. His service is excellent and mainly based on volunteering. The cooperation among them is pure harmony and reflects on everything around. They prepare delicious food with love and devotion. It’s really a sattvic space.

Good here we are!

The program was very intense, started at 6.00am and ended at 19.00pm every day with 3 or 4 hours break between morning and evening during 8 days. Totally we were 27 people ready for the new experience! Noah led the bigger part of the teaching: asana, pranayama, anatomy, philosophy and teaching skills. I led mantra meditation, and chanting. The first 3 days went to set our energy and connect with the group, and were not so fluid, mostly in the chanting sessions where lot of emotions came out. The chanting is a subtle feeling especially when we have to get on tune.
Me and Noah understood they needed time to let the experience come, and we found a more direct way to make this happen!

The day after we made a big circle, 3 people had to lie down in the middle to receive the chanting as a healing reiki from the group, trying to open the heart and stop the mind. That day something really happened, the healing came from the heaven on everyone in such a strong way that we couldn’t imagine.

They opened to the depth and unity, we could feel the shift of awareness. Since then the mercy carried all of us into a metamorphosis. All together we created something wonderful that touched our hearts entering our memories. Nobody was the same person at the end of the journey. Many people of the group were new to the Yoga path, but each of them proved to be spiritual warriors. Their beautiful voices opened to the sky as the voice of their forests. What seemed impossible became possible.
The Swedish opened their heart, what I saw: immense love!

I must thank Noah, at first to believe in us as a working team, for his strength and example. Thanks to Petra and Trishi for their friendship and support. Thanks Neo Satyam for this beautiful meeting and amazing support.

Some testimonials:

The first 2 days i was very much resisting the kirtan sessions. I sat as far back as possible close to the door…

Also, I was provoked by the vulnerability tha was revealed in the room. And by Radha! In the evening of day 2 I was chatting with Cecilia before falling asleep and just before closing my eyes I got this: the chanting was my challenge, my tapas. Radha was brought to me like a gift. She has things that I deep down envy, and so it provoked me. There and then I decided to GO ALL IN for the kirtan. Next day I sat right in the front, I took every opportunity to expose myself. After yet another day I was LIFTED by Sharanam Ganesha mantra and experienced such bliss in the kirtan. The energy, the feelings it brings up are amazing.

I have immense gratitude for the magic experience that Radha allowed me and helped me to achieve, with her pure heart through the deep sound of her voice. To chant, to learn mantra with her brought me to express my emotions with more intensity and awareness. My heart opened in a deep level and my breath expanded inside my chest. One of the best experience in my path towards unconditional happiness and freedom.

A week of Yoga in the heart, remembering who I am. Thank you!

The 8 days that we all shared at Shambala was a life changer for me! I have been on a spiritual path for many years, reading, listening, and practicing with different teachers. But this experience with mantra and chanting was something I haven’t ever felt before. Radha’s voice, light and energy along with the love being sent from our “gang” carried me to a place deep within myself that I never visited before. I will be forever grateful for this experience and for the privilege of spending this time surrounded by so much love!

I felt a bit resistance the first day of kirtan practice but second day I started singing in my head the whole day. The third day I started to feel happy inside myself and in my heart, which I used to have and now I found it backs thanks to singing!
Now I even go for myself and sing mantras all day and feel calm and happy. I also realized that singing helped me with talking, leading yoga class when we were practicing!
Thank you!

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