Art and spirituality work together to express, and bring into manifestation, the qualities of the soul. At the origin of each creation is a thought form deriving from Cosmic Consciousness or the Universal Psyche, of which we are part. Thought forms are conditioned by the intelligence which permeates them, and this is an indication that active consciousness is at the root of every thought When the intellect is linked to the realm of the Divine or the soul, it manifests thoughts that are luminous, harmonious, beautiful, caring, eternal, integral, because they come from the transcendent plane. At denser frequencies, the fragmented intellect associates with ignorance, passions and virtue. This is the realm of human emotions, which gives rise to various experiences of passing moods, from the most joyful to those that bring greatest suffering. Humans have always expressed all of this through various forms of art, including for example: music, painting, the plastic arts, poetry and literature, dance, theatre, architecture and the culinary arts. Conscious art is a flow of inspiration and creativity derived from those dimensions closest to the pure source of our soul. When inspiration from the Divine comes to us, our mind expands and is illuminated, similar to how when a ray of light shines through a prism it spreads out an array of luminous colors.

The crystal of our heart functions in the same way. When its own light is allowed to shine, it manifests its own unique characteristics, bringing brilliance to mind and body. In order to bring forth this type of experience, we first activate a thought form, then channel it to the centre of the heart while visualizing with the third eye the intended object in the most beautiful and harmonious way we can. From here, we can then begin the process of materially manifesting this vision, in a picture, poem, dance etc. For those who are unpracticed in this technique of visualization, a useful way to start is to observe simple geometric shapes such as squares, triangles and circles in various colors. Then one can close the eyes and seek to recreate the observed image in the metaphysical space between the eyebrows. Once the image/form is visualized, one can seek to hold it there for several seconds. This activates the pineal gland. This process requires patience. Gradually, as one becomes more adept at this visualization, one can leave external forms and work with forms from within the realm of thoughts.

Meditating more deeply in this way opens the door of the heart bringing amazing visions which will rise to the third eye from where they can be brought into the desired artistic form and so shared in the phenomenal world. We all have this capacity, but through lack of use, have forgotten it. Children particularly relish this type of creative play because their connections between the relevant channels stay intact up to a certain age. As a yoga technique, conscious art allows us to experience union with the Divine within us and bring it out, where it can reflect what we are carrying inside. It is a path of healing and transformation, a return to the Source, to the celestial realm that is always known to the child within us all.

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